How Buyformee Works

Buyformee is a fundraising platform for personal needs and wants.

We have created this network for your ‘’personal Needs and Wants’’. You will be in position to get contributions from your friends, family and well wishers to buy what you need or want. (…’s that simple….)

So as you strive in life, working so hard to buy that nice Television, Bed, Mattress, Laptop and so much more…..Buyformee is ready to connect you to those close friends, family members and well wishers who are willing to lend you a hand so that you get what you need or want in life.


Your home feed is where you will always find what your friends Need or Want.
You will also be in position to see what other people near you Need or Want, so you can either lend a hand to close friends or people across the globe.


Use the search bar to find products, friends and giveaways.


Use the upload button to add products that you need or want. You can also use the upload button to giveaway things that you don’t need but could be of great use to others.

Find free things that your friends or people near you are giving. You can also upload things that you don’t need any more but could be of great use to someone else.
At BUYFORMEE, we believe that ‘’sharing is caring’’
Never know, that product might solve some bodies problem.


Via your profile, you can see things you need/want, giveaways, followers and people you follow.