We all have something in excess. But it is quite a challenge to know who exactly Wants or Needs it.

With that in mind, we have created GIVEAWAYS by Buyformee. Our intention is to make everyone a giver across the globe and to create more physical connections amongst friends and strangers.

Under this section you can upload things that you’re not using but could be of great value to someone else.

Once you upload a GIVEAWAY, our system notifies your friends and people near you about that giveaway. They will have a chance to claim it and you will decide on whom to give it too.

100% FREE
There should be NO exchange of money during the giveaway process. Givers and receivers will be connected physically thus create stronger physical relationships.
Once we detect any user asking for money to giveaway something, they will stand a high risk of losing their account and get banned forever from using any of our platforms.