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Donate to friends. Upload your needs. Giveaway things you don't use

Think of BuyFormee as your last destination for your needs and wants. Unlike wishlists and bookmarking sites, at Buyformee you will have a chance of getting what you Need or Want from Friends, Family and Well wishers

"We just found a way of transforming Wishlists and we think it is much better."

But you can as well give away things you nolonger use to friends, family and people near you.

The Story

Buyformee was invented by Yiga Phillip, who was tired of creating wishlists on bookmarking sites that never got any attraction from people who care about him. It did not make sense to him , to create wishlists of things he will never have in a life time

He decided to create a platform that can help people discover their friend's Needs and Wants - contribute towards their friend's Needs & Wants and at the sametime giveaway things they nolonger use to friends and people near them



Web, mobile and beyond

Buyformee is available on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

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